Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, and Eczema Resolved with Reboot Protocol

Jesus Alvarado shares how focusing on healing his gut with the Reboot Protocol from Tumtree Gut Health relieved decades of chronic lower back pain, prostatitis, sciatica pain, eczema, frequent urination and stubborn weight gain. See what this simple, proven, plant based system can do for your gut linked pain and inflammation!     Get the Kit.



“Hi, my name is Jesus Alvarado and I want to tell you the symptoms I was going through.  I had pains on my shoulder.  I had eczema.  I had pain in my back which led to my sciatica.  I had swollen knees and high blood pressure.

Nothing seemed to help.  I went to doctors, nothing.  Pills, nothing.  I had a steroids, nothing.  I even tried a Tens machine. Nothing seemed to help until my wife told me about the 30 Day Reboot program.  I got on the program and I was on it for about 2-3 days when all those symptoms started going away.

I had no more back aches. No more sciatica, No more swelling knees. No more high blood pressure.  No more eczema. Everything was relieved.

The good thing is, when you couple to program with eating right, you lose weight. I’ve lost 25 pounds already and everything seems to be working right for me.

For those who are watching the video and you’re going through the same situation and you want relief,  I recommend the 30 Day Reboot program to you.

Thank you Jonell. Your 30 Day Reboot program has worked wonderfully for me.  Thank you.”

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