Where Sugar Cravings Come From (And 10 Smart Things To Do About It)


According to the American Heart Association, the average American consumes approximately 16 teaspoons more added sugar than is recommended per day.

Sugar craving has a root cause, and it's not a personality trait. Sugar craving has a root cause, and it's not a personality flaw!

Sugar stimulates the brain to release serotonin, the “feel good” chemical, which provides a natural high. The endorphins released after eating sugar calm and relax us, leaving us wanting more. Eliminating a sugar addiction can be difficult if you don't know where the addiction's coming from. But following these steps can greatly reduce cravings and make it easier to kick the habit for good and really enjoy healthy nutrient dense food instead.

The Root Cause of Your Cravings

Humans share a primal need to experience feeling good emotionally and physically, but when we go too long without the natural high good feelings bring, our brain knows it can simulate the feeling of wellbeing with sugar on the tongue. When our mindset sees our life as hard, we're more inclined to satisfy our need for sweet in the form of sugar rather than generating those endorphins naturally. Add to our human inclination for "sweetness" some new research suggesting that the trillions of microbial hitchhikers we carry, are also contributing to the need for sweet as a matter of self-preservation, ...you may feel like the odds are stacked against you, and there's just no resisting the mesmerizing power of sugar's sweet song. If you're experiencing sugar cravings and want to be free, here are 10 Smart Things you can do about it TODAY.

1. Microbiome Imbalance

If your sugar cravings appeared or got worse following one or more of 8 Risk Factors for Microbiome Imbalance, consider stepping up to 30 days of transformation with the Leaky Gut Supplements Reboot Starter Kit to restore balance to the universe within. Dozens of our customers have been pleasantly surprised that kicking their sugar cravings happened naturally, just by focusing on re-balancing their microbiome with our simple, proven, plant-based protocol for 30 days. By cleansing your bloodstream and body of these sugar craving invaders, you break the vicious cycle for good! 
Most things are fads but it has been 5+ yrs since Angel Naivalu introduced this cleanse to help me to cut down on sugar. The sugar/carb cravings came to a halt. We have found out these herb capsules are AMAZING. They kill strep throat faster than antibiotics! Stephen used to get strep every year, not anymore!! My allergies and asthma have been vanquished! I can pet a cat, my dog can come in the house, I can run without my inhaler. Thank you Feel Good Foods! -- Emily Judd, AZ

2. Supplement with L-glutamine

This amino acid has been found to help reduce and even eliminate cravings by helping to steady blood sugar. Glutamine is a tasteless, odorless powder you can stir into water and drink, and it's a part of the Reboot Protocol for restoring vibrant health to the body because of its stabilizing properties. As a separate measure for sugar cravings, add a quarter teaspoon three times a day with meals and an extra dose when a craving hits. Taking as little as a quarter teaspoon at the onset of a sugar craving should stop it in its tracks.

3. Purge the Cupboards

Years ago, breaking my sugar addiction was as good as done for the first two days. I knew that trashing my body with sugar had to stop, but on day three I became irritable, anxious, paced the floor, and wandered into the kitchen every 15 minutes for just a little something sweet. My hands shook with tremors when I held them up in front of me. I’d get set mentally to begin a project and then find myself staring into the cold cereal cupboard again.

I knew I was making it much harder for myself by keeping all the garbage in my cupboards. So I put all canned and packaged goods containing sugar, corn syrups, and milk products in a big moving box in the garage. I didn’t have the guts to throw away poor quality food like I do now! A week or two later I gave it to a neighbor who seemed grateful. Purging was the easiest way for me and my little ones to get into whole and healthy foods instead.

4. Find Replacements

I began immediately looking for replacements for ready finger food and snacks, particularly for little people. I filled the fridge with veggie trays (jicama, bell peppers and snow peas) fresh fruit, soaked almonds and pecans, whole grain crackers, bread and no-sugar cereals. For a special treat, search for stevia sweetened recipes like this delicious Skinny Chocolate Mug Cake, or super healthy Chocomole Pudding loaded with healthy fats. See the Kid’s Snacks section of The Feel Good Cookbook for more healthy low sugar recipe ideas.

5. Nix the artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have not been proven to curb sugar cravings one bit, and these chemical sweeteners have their own downsides, ranging from being potential neurotoxins to causing digestive distress. The taste, artificial or real, will have the same effect on the body creating the same cycle of wanting more and more, so don't go there.

6. Eat protein

Protein deficiency can contribute to sugar cravings as the body searches for a quick energy source. Adding protein to every meal ensures that the body always has fuel to access and maintain a steady blood sugar level, preventing any spikes and crashes. Sprouted lentils, hard boiled eggs, pumpkin seeds and soaked almonds are still fave protein sources to toss on lunchtime salad or snack on between meals.

7. "Treat" Yourself

Make a point of treating yourself to indulgences other than sweets, like savoring a morning or evening walk, gardening, playing football with the kids, or taking a nice long bubble bath. Gather or buy fresh flowers; give yourself an afternoon off doing something yummy to you. Discover activities that are even more rewarding than entertaining yourself with food, and feel your body feeling better, the sweetest treat of all! Remember, these feel good experiences trigger the release of endorphins naturally, without the backlash to your body that comes from eating sugar.

8. Less Is More

We have a healthy homemade fruit sweetened dessert every Sunday evening as part of family night. This way dessert is something we look forward to as a treat instead of an “entitlement” at each meal. I’m finding that “less often” actually creates more anticipation and enjoyment than escalating frequency does.

9. Savor Bites

This has become a family tradition that sharpens all the senses by keeping your mind enjoying the present moment. I like the idea of a period of silence during the meal as Buddhist monks do, so everyone can focus on the food itself and notice its colors, textures and unique tastes without distraction. With sweet treats and meals that include tasty animal meats, someone in our family will say, “Savor Bite,” and together everyone gets a good bite in their mouth, closes their eyes and listens for the sound of raspberry singing softly over a creamy crepe or the crooning of a rich and spicy Thai curry over the melodic texture of brown rice. With eyes closed, the tongue actually expands and deepens the enjoyment of whatever sweet bite is in the mouth. One savor bite can feel like half a serving.

Years ago, while cutting back on meat consumption, we started this tradition in order to thank the animal we were eating for giving us its life and tasty little body. Before that we slammed down meat like no tomorrow without thinking about where it actually came from. Sweet things are also deserving of this attention. Just for fun, try watching a movie without eating at the same time and decide that the movie itself will be your savor bite. Then, if you’d like, eat some popcorn when you can focus on it and really savor the flavor.

10. Adaptation Arise!

As you transition into healthier food choices, give yourself some mental space to ponder alternatives. At first I scoured the aisles of my grocery store for any food items free of sugar and bought bunches just to send the message to the grocer that people want more of them. You can find 100% fruit-sweetened jams made by various name brand companies. They are delicious with nut butters, or cut in half with water to make tasty fruit syrups for pancakes or desserts. I talked with store managers about expanding the selection of fruit-sweetened products and asked about discounts for buying in bulk. I was left with a narrower shopping list, but hey, that saves time and money, too. Shopping online for low sugar or keto snacks and recipes is a snap now. The possibilities are endless.


Bonus #1 - Sponge Up The Habit

As you clean up from sugar addiction, remember that the most difficult time for you may be your 3rd day as it was for me. If sugar craving should strike, take another dose of Exodus Prebiotic GI Sponge (apple cinnamon flavor) to sweep up the chemistry in your gut that keeps your chemical dependency going. (Add in a half teaspoon of L-Glutamine to level your blood sugars) and the craving will subside within about 5 minutes as the sponge goes to work.

Bonus #2 - Brush Your Teeth

Another thing you can do to shoo away the need for sweet is to brush your teeth. As long as you're not actually hungry, brushing your teeth will signal your brain that eating time is over, and the taste of toothpaste will clear your head of the need for something sweet.

Bonus #3 - Release Sugar Cravings

Use the Picnic Blanket Visualization is an emotional release tool to pull sugar cravings out by assigning them a color shape and consistency and focusing your mind on removing them. We love this tool at home and find it highly effective for getting rid of unresolved feelings and urges that no longer serve you. That's it! 10 Tips for kicking your sugar cravings, plus 3 BONUS tips for good measure. Let me know which of these ideas work best for you. You're off to the naturally "sweet" hereafter!

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