24 Hour Gastro Intestinal Cleanse

24 hr Gastro Intestinal Cleanse

If you’ve had your eye on a simple 24 hr Gastro Intestinal Cleanse but haven't stepped up yet, we'd like to introduce you to our family's favorite natural pharmaceutical. Exodus GI Sponge is a whole food supplement engineered to be your bowel’s best friend. Made from natural food fibers, minerals, and a special blend of herbs and spices, Exodus is the final answer to stomachaches, nausea, acid indigestion, and unwanted weight gain. You can enjoy clearer thinking, increased energy and a lighter, brighter body by improving your bowel health with Exodus. Use it to mop up stomachache, nausea, gas or bloating in about 5 minutes. And because it's made from simple whole foods it’s safe for kids, teens, even pregnant women (AND the men who love them.) Use it to sponge up high sugar foods to lower your caloric uptake or use several doses in a day to create a 24 hour GI cleanse.

3 ways to up level your wellbeing with Exodus GI Sponge.

  1. Soak up Symptoms: Exodus soaks up tummy aches, acid reflux, headaches, nausea and the foods that trigger them. (Take 2 scoops mixed in dilute juice as often as needed.)
  2. Train Your Bowel: Taking 1 scoop of Exodus each night will help train your bowel to form a long loamy stool that is easily expelled from the body the next morning.
  3. 24 Hour Gastro Intestinal Cleanse: Jumpstart any weight loss program, or just clear your head and ramp up your own natural energy with a 24 hour cleanse. Do this by taking 5 separate 1 Tablespoon doses (three scoops each) mixed with dilute juice throughout a 24 hr period. Follow each dose with an 8 ounce glass of water. Eat if you're hungry, and don't if you're not. Drink half your weight in ounces of water throughout the day. The next day celebrate as your bowel takes out more garbage than you've seen in ages.* Love how light you feel when the byproducts of your own metabolism exit your body.
You are meant to feel good. And we're willing to bet on it. As with any Feel Good Foods purchase, our products are guaranteed to please or, we'll refund your money. ** Learn more about Exodus GI Sponge... BUY Exodus now * For sluggish bowels we recommend taking 2-4 capsules (or more for a chronically constipated bowel) of vegetable laxative before bed at the end of your GI cleanse day. This will ensure a speedy delivery of sludge before noon the next day. **Our Return Policy
24 hr Gastro Intestinal Cleanse

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