Tumtree Gut Health

Why we're Celebrating our New Name


We're delighted to announce the renaming of our company from Feel Good Foods to Tumtree Gut Health and all our Social Channels (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) to "Tumtree Gut Health".

Why we're changing...

Like all living things, businesses grow and change. They need to! It's super important when our customers are people like you, who ask the most out of life. You've talked and we've listened. And change is afoot!

Our Name

10 years ago Feel Good Foods was a cottage business in Provo Utah with Ambassadors and Partner Physicians gradually joining our mission across the Western States. Soon our reach spread across America and beyond through social media and the web. In 2016, we applied for trademark and learned that a frozen foods company on the East coast already holds the registered trademark. So, in order to avoid stepping on their toes and to secure a trademark of our own, we're slipping into our new togs and leading the way to a "Tumtree Life."

What is Tumtree?

Tumtree describes what we do together, You and our team. We partner to support your amazing body in healing itself from the inside out. The tummy or gut, is where the transformation begins and then the healing radiates outward to the rest of your body. The power to heal comes from Mother earth and the light above, in the same way a tree pulls strength and nourishment from the ground while reaching upward toward the light. This healing energy lifts the human spirit to expand its reach, take in the light and 'send it'... just as trees send life sustaining oxygen into our atmosphere. The transformation you're about to experience with Tumtree Gut Health will positively impact others. You can count on that. We invite you to spend a few minutes reading and watching customer videos on the Results tab and you'll see just what we mean. Together, We are Tumtree. Tumtree Gut Health.

A few things that won't change ...and What's in it for You.

Customer Service - To Help You Heal Your Body

Tumtree exists because, people shouldn't be sidelined from Life at its Best by nagging indigestion, bloating, gas, joint pain, itchy skin, headaches, brainfog or fatigue. And we haven't forgotten our purpose. To help you heal your body.

You may be wondering if these changes mean our team will be distracted from supporting you in finally feeling good again. Just the opposite is true! As part of our transformation, we're bulking up our team to connect personally with you on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, and within minutes on our live chat. (Just look for the blue bubble). We're bent on cutting our turn around times for your questions via live chat. So leave a comment, or a question for us on our site or social channels and be amazed at how quickly we get back to you!

Why Subscribe

If you haven't done it, please Sign up for a short weekly email with a healthy new recipe or encouraging tip to improve your health AND jump on our social channels to Follow, Like and Subscribe (all called Tumtree Gut Health or Tumtree.life).


Subscribing is your ONLY access to special sales & giveaways, heavenly new meal ideas and effective tools that make keeping your immune system in top shape, clear and easy. Plus, by subscribing to our social channels you'll make our unique blueprint more findable for people searching for the answers...just like you. And you can easily unsubscribe when you no longer need our help healing.

Our Products

Same transformational products you've come to rely on, but with a few more goodies too (see our shop for details.)

New "Reboot Recipes" Cookbook

Announcing the release of a brand new collection of 'A-List' Reboot Recipes free of sugar, diary, gluten, corn and soy with beautiful images to make you hungry for your next meal. Yep, things are bumpin' in the Tumtree Kitchen to perfect these dishes for your health AND enjoyment. Reboot Recipes to Heal From the Inside Out was released on September 30th. And only the best of the best made the final cut!

Visit our store for details.

And welcome to the Tumtree Life.

Fresh. Simple. Clean. In the Fewest Steps Possible.

To Re-invent Your Health.