Share your Story. Hold up a Light.

Here’s how to make a Selfie Video   ...and what to say.

1. SETUP: Be sure your face is well lit. (Stand in front of a sunny window)  Hold your cell phone vertically, taller than it is wide. This looks much better when viewed on instagram.

2. WHAT TO SAY:  Start with your name and what symptoms brought you to our products. It’s important to use the specific name for your symptoms so people know what you mean.  For example say ‘diabetes’, 'my ideal weight' or ‘high blood pressure’ instead of ‘I’m watching my numbers”.  If you've had a medical diagnosis, say Fibromyalgia instead of "feeling run down". Thx!

3. What else had you tried to get relief before finding us?

4. How long did you use our products and how quickly did you notice improvement?

5. How strongly would you recommend our products to someone else?

6. WRAPPING UP: To end your video, strike a pose for the camera for 2-3 seconds so we can use the snapshot thumbnail for YouTube. (it won’t end up in your video. Promise!)

Be as animated as possible for this snapshot, at least put your hands in the air or bust a dance move to celebrate the end of whatever symptoms you're unplugging. 😃

7. Done.  Email your video to or text it to (801) 921-9464.  Tell us which product you'd like us to send you and the mailing address.  Let’s do this! 🤩

Thank you for making a difference by sharing your story.  Others will see your light and hope will rise up in them again too!