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Jonell Francis

Fibromyalgia, Depression and Hormone Imbalance

Fibromyalgia, Depression and Hormone Imbalance Some very exciting news. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 20 years. In just four short weeks I am off of estrogen and my thyroid medication because I no longer need them. I am still in the process of carefully tapering off my depression meds and will be done with that in the next several weeks. And I haven’t felt this good in over 28 years! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. J. D. Highland, UT

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I knew that Reboot was rescuing me.

In February I applied a hormone patch to help me with hormone imbalances. 3 days later I was feeling sick with stomach pains and back pain that got worse everyday.  I began eating a lot of raw cruciferous veggies to help cleanse the synthetic hormones out of my body. The next day my back pain was so severe I went to the emergency room where a doctor confirmed that I was having a severe reaction to the hormone patch. He gave me a prescription for the pain and off I went to the pharmacy. By Monday, I developed more allergies: hives, swollen glands...

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