Signs of Depression, Baby Blues

I was suffering from serious depression.

I just wanted to thank you. Ten years ago my mom bought me your Feel Good Cookbook at Freedom Medical Center. I’d just had my first baby and was suffering from serious depression and poor health. I read the introduction to your book and it gave me hope. I then lived by what you taught and my health improved so much. I was happy and full of energy. I lived like that until I got pregnant with my 3rd child. At that point amidst the craziness of life I went back to my old way of eating and living.

Well, needless to say my health both physical and mental has gone down hill since then.  I just had my 5th baby 3 months ago and feel like I am spiraling downward. My family has a long history of autoimmune diseases and I feel like I am going down that path as symptoms have been setting in.

This morning I remembered I still have your book that helped so much years ago. I reread it and then decided to see if you had a website. I am so excited to see you have the cleansing products for sale and that you are still teaching and helping people improve their health. Thank you! Today I am going to change my path of health as I begin living a whole life.

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