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I'm Getting a Life Back!

I have been on the Reboot program for 3 1/2 months now. Before I started the program, I had been in pain for a solid 4 years. I had horrible headaches, achy back and neck, my muscles were shutting down, my period cycles were so painful, I had a ton of anxiety and my blood sugar levels were so off. I was thirsty all the time, had no energy and I could not handle even a little bit of stress. I felt nauseated all the time.

The first week I started cutting out Soy, Corn, Gluten, Dairy and Sugar. I started to feel different on about day 3. By day 5 the sugar withdrawals were insane and I felt so ornery! But I was so sick of being sick that I was VERY strict with the diet. Slowly I started to feel better, (VERY SLOWLY) but it didn’t really all level out until between the 2 to 3 month mark. There was a lot of trial and error to finding out which foods agreed with me and what my body still can’t handle. The amazing thing is that I don’t feel a lot of neck pain, and my headaches are almost completely gone! I was on so much Ibuprofen every day and the GI cleanse has completely replaced that. (NO pain meds WHATSOEVER now!!!!)

My cycles are way less painful and my hormones don’t go out of control when I am about to start. My blood sugar has leveled out to where I don’t get so sick when I am hungry, I just feel a little weak and hungry instead of sick. The nausea has gone away completely. If I start to feel some of my symptoms return, I just take a teaspoon or two of GI cleanse (we call it dirt drink at our house, my little boy is following in my footsteps with some stomach aches and he is drinking it too) I feel like I have some energy back and I can handle the little stresses of life that come.

My anxiety levels are way down. I am down to a quarter of my anxiety medication, and I don’t really feel like I need it, but I am a little nervous to go off it completely! HA! The diet has gotten easier and easier as I have made it a priority to really prepare and make good choices when I eat. I am not ready to add much back in because I feel so good and don’t want to mess it up!

I get better sleep, I am in a better mood most of the time and I am enjoying my little family much much more. I have 2 sweet little boys that I am having so much fun with now that Mommy can do more with them! I don’t feel like I am completely out of the woods yet. I have healing to still do.

But my body is actually healing itself and that is something that is new!!!! I feel happy and grateful and I feel like I am getting a life back that I had thought was gone forever. And I’m so thankful.

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