Heal Your Allergies

Love this Cookbook

I have LOVED this cookbook! I have read MANY books trying to learn how to deal with our varying allergies, and this was the first one that I came upon that had recipes with ingredients that I actually recognized. I also loved the section that listed gluten free meals for a month. I was even able to make a gluten free cake for a friend with allergies. (My family even liked it.) I love her section with her shopping list that tells what she buys, and from what store. (I even learned that you could buy sugar free mandarin oranges) who knew? She also has her story of how she overcame her food sensitivities. (Like Wheat?) Isn’t that what we are all hoping for? I would recommend this to anyone with any kind of an allergy. Her recipes are written in such a way as to address all main allergens. It’s fantastic!

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