Fix Leaky Gut for Leg Aches Ear Infections

Heal the microbiome for leg aches and ear infection.


“My name is Ethan and I love liquid Body Balance. If you have a toothache, you can take that and swish it around your mouth and swallow and it will be better in about 10 minutes. And when you have an ear infection, you can put it in there, and it will feel better by morning.

And when you have joint pain and you take that, it feels better. And it takes about 2-3 doses to overcome, but it feels good after a while.

For example, recently, I got a leg ache and I couldn’t use my unicycle anymore. After I took the Body Balance Liquid, I was now able to unicycle again.

I’m Ethan, and I’m going to do some BIG unicycle tricks for you!”

Ethan Francis, St George Utah


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