Fix Chronic Back Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery

Fix Back Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery

Fungal arthritis is on the rise and is responsible for an increasing frequency of lower back pain, especially among individuals who use broad spectrum antibiotics. Teresa Skinner shares her story.



“I have had back pain all my life. and 5 years ago, I got to the point where I was literally in bed or about 18 months.  I started seeing a doctor in Bend and he was doing alternative medicine with cortisone, and then a nerve oblation and I was like this isn’t working and then we’d try something else. I’ve spent on my insurance records, some information I got recently, over 3 years I went to the doctor 23 times and of those appointments, 4 of them were covered by insurance, because we were doing alternative medicine treatments.

So my injections were costing from 650 USD a treatment to 200 USD a treatment. We spent thousands of dollars and they could never tell me what was wrong with my back and it never really got better, it only slightly changed.

So when my mom told me about this, I was like I’ll try it. She had lost 6 inches off of her belly in 2 days cause she felt like she was pregnant all the time.  And she did many weight loss programs, including one that was affiliated with a nurse. She went to her for 2 years and couldn’t get below this certain weight. Then, In less than 3 weeks, she did it and I have pictures I can show you guys if you didn’t see it on my Facebook page. It’s amazing! And she says she feels great.

I started the program and the first week I said my back feels kind of good, but I don’t know, I have days like that. The 2nd week, my back pain was gone and I was shocked. And I had lost 11 lbs and I’m like this is pretty impressive. And I wasn’t hungry or craving.

So for me, I know that truly has, in a short period of time, changed my system, including my back. Thousands of dollars, multiple visits. I missed a lot of my kids’ games during high schools cause I couldn’t stay there because of my back. So take a little side note about what your aches and pains are before you start, because it’s truly life-changing.”

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