Fix Asthma and Fatigue Without Meds

Leaky Gut Therapy that works fast.

“Hello, I’m Dianne Marke from Australia. I’ve been on the Reboot for almost a month now. I started my son who had asthma and he’s gonna do a separate video. Very impressed with the results with him!

I’ve had asthma all my life and that improved dramatically while being on the Reboot the last month. I’ve also had the last few years, a heaviness in my chest which after some gastroscopies, showed a lot of inflammation – it took away my appetite.  And being on the Reboot, that heaviness is gone.  And I’ve got my appetite back again. And I haven’t got any more problems there now.

I’ve had the last year, trouble wearing shoes, my large toe joints have been very inflamed and painful. I’ve realized the other day that there’s been no pain for the last weeks, quite a few weeks. And I’m fine wearing shoes again. Asthma has improved dramatically.

Really impressed.  Love the ease of the Reboot! Love the Exodus sponge! And if I’m feeling yucky or go out to a party or something, I can have some of the Exodus sponge and it works really quickly to help you feel better again.

I’ve given my son – 19 year old son who has had trouble with acne, he’s just started the month protocol, so I’m looking forward to seeing the results for him. We’ve made dietary changes, although I haven’t been fanatical about it. And that’s been really good, really easy. My 12-year old son adjusted to that really well. And yeah, I love the ease of the 5 step protocol, 5-step reboot and even more so, I LOVE the results within a very short timeframe.

It’s been great! I feel my digestive system feels fantastic! Yeah, really impressed!”

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