As Close To Perfect As a Book Gets

Enjoy Gourmet tasting food and Feel Good Too!

As close to perfect as a book like this gets! So the descriptions of the recipes read a little like a blog–very casual, fun and full of personality. And the author’s preface explanations of spiritual and mental well-being having a connection with the physical is something I’ve always believed.

I am a foodie…as in, I read Patricia Wells in my spare time, run a small catering business….and OK, we even hold our own Iron Chef tournaments to create fabulous dishes that will linger in our memories for months. So it’s a passion. Although Jonell Francis has a main goal of helping others “feel good,” her recipes are simple to make, and have an incredible success ratio with being a HUGE hit in our family in flavor, texture, and dimension. Her Italian sausage recipe using turkey meat, molasses and spices is beautiful and light. Her Steve’s Best Chili in the Universe, chicken tikka masala, chicken scallopini, and English toffee (the last using only four whole food ingredients!) are inspirational.

You can have the presentation and the enjoyment of gourmet food and feel light, strong, clear-headed, and full of energy upon finishing these meals. Making nutritional changes can be a very painful process when you’re feeling around in the dark– we have tried to be gluten free, casein free, and yeast free for about 7 years, and out of ALL the resources I have sifted through, none covers the subject and the recipes as completely and reliably as Jonell’s. Thank you for your incredible work to put this together– our family will benefit from this book longterm.

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