Acid Reflux, Fatigue, Allergies, Sinusitis and Brainfog

Acid Reflux, Fatigue, Allergies, Sinusitis and Brainfog

I started Reboot from Tumtree because I suffered from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD) for the better part of a decade. I also had difficulties with fatigue, allergies, sinusitis, sugar cravings and mental clarity for years. I started regular exercise and changed my diet from the ground up three months prior and despite eating whole foods, grains, fruits and vegetables and eating meals throughout the day I still had all of the same ailments.

The symptoms had become less drastic, but on the whole they were still there and some days felt completely unmanageable. I started to look into the gastro system’s effect on reflux, fatigue, allergies, and mental abilities and found that it possibly played the largest role in all of my ailments and that they were all intimately connected through poor digestion. I found out about Reboot through a colleague, whom I affectionately refer to as the health nut, and he explained in brief how through years of improper diet (filled with refined and processed foods) my digestive system could be affected and specifically its ability to properly digest and absorb the nutrients from the food I ate. That tied with the truth of my conditions and the possibility that yeast could have been running rampant through my body for years now lead me to believe that I could be suffering from abnormal yeast levels in my body.

I started Reboot with much trepidation because nothing I’d tried before really worked. I was hopeful but skeptical. The first thing I noticed after the first day bowel cleansing with Exodus was mental clarity and ability had almost immediately started returning. I was surprised that it had such an immediate effect. Then on the fourth day I felt extra fatigued and irritable. As the instructions explained, the irritability and fatigue was part of the yeast fighting back as it was being cleansed from my system.

After about two weeks on Reboot, I felt much better overall. My acid reflux improved from having steady heartburn throughout the day, to only having the occassional flair up after eating something high in carbohydrate. My ability to think clearly was returning and I was able to work more effectively and efficiently. I found myself solving problems effortlessly that had been troubling me for weeks. Sugar cravings became less and less, and I felt more filled from smaller portions of food. My sinusitis and allergies became a slight bother instead of a constant handicap.

I have tried many different types of cleanses in the past, and had varying results, but I am ecstatic about the results I am experiencing from Reboot.  I am so excited that I am starting a second round ASAP. I have since done more research on the effects of yeast and the process of healing and recovery from yeast. I know I have just started on a path of true recovery from ailments that have been afflicting me for over a decade. With results like this, I want to keep moving forward.

Just a week after my first Reboot I quit smoking cigarettes, and drinking coffee. I think Reboot gave me the momentum I need to give up those habits. I am almost 60 days coffee and smoke free and I am excited to see where I will be in another 60 days! Bottom line is, I was fed up with feeling sick and tired. I only want to be happy and healthy again. I am willing to do anything it takes, and I think with the power of Reboot I can now move forward into a new epoch of digestive and whole body health.

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