The Gut-Immune Connection: Why Poor Digestion Means Poor Immunity

Why Poor Digestion Means Poor Immunity

In 2018, the CDC reported that 22.4 million people went to the doctor to treat diseases of the digestive system.   But that's not all.  Another 8.3 million landed in the emergency room with digestive system distress as the primary diagnosis.

And those are just the people who were diagnosed and getting treatment...

Millions of others suffer in silence from a range of digestive disorders… many of which don’t have a diagnosis.

There’s a huge problem with this (besides the fact that so many people are in pain).

Your gut is the seat of your immune system, where approximately 80% of your immune cells are produced. The gut also provides a physical barrier to invaders that enter your body through the food, air and water you take into your body. That is, as long as it's healthy and retains it's proper permeability.

No amount of social distancing or hand sanitizing or mask wearing is as impactful in your health outcomes as the status of your gut. It's the last barrier to infections and your precious internal organs.

Poor digestive health means poor immunity. Period.

And we all need powerful immune systems -- now more than ever.

Fix Leaky Gut Digestion


5 Small Changes (Big Dividends) You Can Make at Home

The good news is, you don’t have to venture to a doctor’s office to start healing your gut and strengthening your immune system.

There are plenty of small changes you can make TODAY from the comfort of your own home.

These include:

1. Normalizing your bowel

Train your bowels to take the garbage out every day. When body toxins and metabolic waste have a way out of the body you’ll think more clearly, feel lighter and obtain more energy from the food you eat.

2. Removing Pathogens from your body

This is the next step, to restore balance to all your mucous membranes by removing excess yeast, low grade viral infection, bad bacteria and other parasites from the body. These are responsible for all that gut distress, elevated acids and alcohols in your bloodstream that make your brain foggy and inflamed AND they can be moved out! All bitter and spicy herbs have antifungal and antibacterial qualities. But people rarely eat much of these by design.  Bitter creates a natural counterbalance to sweets.  And we have a blend that beats them all.

3. Rebuilding damaged mucosa

The fastest way to heal increased permeability of the bowels, respiratory tract, urinary tract, reproductive system and synovial membranes of the joints is to provide ample supply of the building blocks needed. Glutamine is responsible for muscle, joint and membrane repair. Cut your healing time in half by supplementing with this conditionally essential amino acid.

4. Restoring and Supporting Friendly Bacteria in your Gut Microbiome

Healthy mucous membranes including the gut rely on a robust population of friendly bacteria to protect them from invasion by unfriendly pathogens. Antibiotics, stress and use of steroid and NSAID drugs decrease your population of friendly flora and increase permeability of mucosal linings. If fermented foods make you feel sick, find a source of prebiotic and probiotic supplements to bolster your good bacterial community. 

5. Nourish your body with low sugar fuel

Never be hungry. Get faster, sustainable immune strength by feeding your body lots of fresh vegetables, clean animal protein and limiting your consumption of sugar including refined grains and allergenic dairy products. Try our NEW Reboot Recipes Cookbook for sugar-free, diary-free and wheat-free recipes for real people on the go.

 Leaky Gut Supplements Reboot Kit Leaky Gut Supplements Reboot Kit

The Wrap Up

With these 5 objectives in place: daily bowel movement, cleansing unwanted pathogens from the body, repairing the damaged lining of the bowel and other lubricating membranes, restoring a healthy population of friendly bacteria and offering your body proper nutritional support for wellness, you’ll be primed for optimal immune system function against whatever the future brings.

For 20 years Tumtree has offerred auto-immune repair solutions to those in need, with a clear path and doable steps at an affordable price.  

To lay your eyes on our comprehensive protocol for reversing auto-immune disease and fortifying your immune system, browse The Solution tab or CLICK HERE


Let's do what is in our power to armor up our defenses against disease of all sorts.

Plus, you'll look and feel better than you have in years … guaranteed.

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