NEW Reboot Recipes Cookbook




No need to suffer bland or boring food on your journey back to vibrant health. Feast instead on clean burning fuel for your body: delicious nutrient dense vegetables, clean animal protein, nuts and seeds, teeming with healthy fats, fat soluble vitamins and catalyst enzymes.  It’ll energize your brain and make your tiny cells wanna jump and shout!  Let our natural approach to relieving inflammation and these 50 scrumptious full color recipe images, restore your faith in finally feeling good again.

Sustaining the body with robust nutritional support is 1 of 5 pillars in Tumtree’s “5 Step Reboot Protocol” to heal the gastrointestinal tract, unplug inflammation and restore balance to the microbiome in just 30 days. The result? Nagging indigestion, hypertension, bloating, gas, joint pain, itchy skin, headaches, brain fog and fatigue melt away.

Welcome to Tumtree, where we help you Re-invent Your Health.