Exodus GI Sponge – Gut Cleanse


Exodus GI Sponge is a whole food supplement engineered to be your bowel’s best friend.

Made from natural food fibers, minerals, and a special blend of herbs and spices, Exodus is the final answer to stomachaches, nausea, acid indigestion, and unwanted weight gain.

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Exodus GI Sponge

Exodus GI Sponge-ingredients

Enjoy clearer thinking, increased energy, regular elimination and gut cleansing by improving your bowel health with Exodus GI Sponge.

Mop up stomachache, nausea, gas or bloating in about 5 minutes. Fortified with 2 forms of Prebiotic fiber, psyllium and apple pectin.

Made from whole foods it’s safe for kids, teens, even pregnant women (AND the men who love them.) Sponge up high sugar foods to lower caloric intake or take several doses in a day to make a GI cleanse.


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