Restoring Proper Permeability To Membranes Unplugs Inflammation

The human body is composed of 90% epithelial and connective tissue membranes. These semi-permeable sheets of tissue are designed to allow life giving nutrients like air, food and water in, while keeping life threatening pollutants and invaders out. Membranes are our front line of defense against the world around us, and they make up at least 90 percent of our immunity. They cover body surfaces, line body cavities like ears, nose and throat, digestive system, urinary and reproductive tracts. They also form protective and sometimes lubricating sheets around joints and organs allowing body parts to move comfortably around each other. When they’re healthy, we’re happy. When protective friendly flora are destroyed these membranes are wide open to compromise by unfriendly pathogens. Opportunistic organisms like candida yeast, bad bacteria (h. pylori, strep and staph) and viruses (Epstein Barr, CMV, and others) latch onto unprotected surfaces and takeover. Their presence inflames instead of nourishes the membrane as they multiply. 8 Risk Factors that Compromise Healthy Membranes Once permeable membranes are compromised they leak allowing the outside world including the pathogens themselves to enter the bloodstream and land in any target organ of the body creating a variety of symptoms. Proteins are normally broken down into individual amino acid building blocks before entering the bloodstream. But when membranes leak, whole protein chains can now enter the bloodstream wreaking havoc with the immune system in the form of hay fever, eczema, asthma, food allergies, frequent urination, aching in limbs and joints and more. While pet dander, plant pollens, synthetic fabric fibers and partially digested food particles are not of themselves dangerous outside the body or even in the gut, inside the bloodstream they appear to be pathogen invaders which are also made of protein chains. The immune system sounds the alarm. Heartrate begins to rise and the site where the protein chain entered the bloodstream is flooded with histamine to swell the opening shut and stop the invasion. This results in inflammation of the membrane (asthma in the lungs, burning in the eyes, itching in the ears, headache in the brain, stomachache in the bowel and hives on the skin.) If you’ve been treating inflammation and allergies symptom by symptom, maybe it’s time to get to the root of your health challenges and get back on track. By clearing your mucous membranes of these unwelcome guests, healing the damage they’ve done and restoring law and order to the universe within, you too may say, “I haven’t felt this good in years.” Read / Watch Testimonials