Fruit free Breakfast Smoothies

Looking for some fruit free breakfast smoothies to start your day? One thing I love about green smoothies is that its a meal in minutes (like maybe 2 max), but it’s also power packed with nutrition for healing, detoxing and balancing the brain.

Here is a refreshing green breakfast smoothie I created for a client of mine who does not tolerate fruit at all right now.  One of the telltale signs of leaky gut is a sensitivity to simple sugars…even from healthy fruit. So the challenge is to get all those beneficial nutrients past your tastebuds and into your body without spiking insulin or feeding bad bacteria, yeast and fungus responsible for your symptoms.

You can always add stevia to give these a smack of sweet, but I really like this without.

Fruit Free Breakfast Smoothie

In blender:
4 cups water
2 large handfuls organic spinach
1/2 cucumber (peel it if you don’t like the skin, or if it’s not organic)
1/2 lemon juiced
1/3 avocado
1/3 bunch cilantro (helpful in chelating heavy minerals from the brain)
1/3 can coconut cream
This tastes great for a wake up smoothie without the coconut cream. But when I added one big scoop for lots of medium chain fatty acids for the brain, wowie!  So satiating. So creamy. So delicious.
Play around with these. You can add a veggie protein powder, prebiotics or flaxseeds if you like to give it even more body and nutrition.
The goal while Rebooting your body is to exclude as much natural sugar and all the trigger foods possible to get you symptom free as quickly as possible. Green smoothies are a no brainer because they’re fast, every calorie is nutrient dense, and its easy to make them allergyfree. As you rebuild and heal your gut, of course,  your food choices will expand…because previous trigger foods will no longer hurt in your body. But for starters green smoothies are a perfect bridge to a better way of life for your whole being.
This green smoothie breakfast tradition?
May just want to keep it for life.
Have a healthy, happy day!
PS. For more fun ways to eat allergy free while healing your body, checkout The Feel Good Cookbook: Whole Foods and Allergyfree Recipes.
Fruit free Breakfast Smoothies