Loving Your Cookbook

Loving Your Cookbook

I wanted to tell you how much I am loving your cookbook. Having battled systemic yeast and then recovering from it all, I can tell you that you have done a fantastic job and are RIGHT ON! It felt so good to have someone else echo my experiences and have such beautiful solutions and recipes.

The kids favorite salad? My picky 8 year old said “mom this is my favorite food ever!!!”  Anyways, if you get a flood of orders from Las Vegas, Idaho, California or Wyoming, you will know why. I just wanted to thank you.

I so wanted to go to your class at the LDS Natural Living Conference, but it was too full. You have such a beautiful energy about you, and I truly just wanted to sit and chat. Thank you for fulfilling your mission and blessing others! I hope we can meet sometime in person. Thanks JONELL!

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