What Causes Food Allergies (and why they rise)

What Causes Food Allergies

Everyone knows someone with food allergies. Today social gatherings involving food require special attention to nuts, eggs, cow milk, wheat, shellfish, corn and soy. And the consequences for negligence range from debilitating to deadly. According to the Centers for Disease Control, last year over 15 million Americans made ER visits for food allergy related emergencies. In Europe 17 million went to the hospital. 

Food Allergies Rising

While researchers scramble for some answers, food allergies among children in the U.S. have increased 50% in the last decade, with an even sharper increase in Europe where hospital admissions for severe reactions in children have risen seven-fold in the last 10 years, according to the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI).

What UP?

While scientists comb through the differences between developed countries where food allergies are escalating and undeveloped countries where food allergies are nearly nonexistent, families are finding relief from food allergies now by getting to the root of the problem and back on track.

A Theory that Works – A Leaky Gut

Food allergies form when partially digested food enters the bloodstream prematurely. When food enters the bloodstream in chains instead of individual blocks, they appear to the immune system to be invading organisms rather than nutrients and the alarm is sounded. The result is an autoimmune response that floods the site of entry with histamine and blood proteins to quickly close up the breech where the invaders slipped in.

Permeability Factor

How do partially digested food particles get into the bloodstream anyway? In a word, permeability. Semi permeable membranes like the gut, are designed to let small particles pass through while keeping larger ones out. When a robust population of friendly flora inhabit the membrane, they secrete juices that preserve the permeability of the membrane. These bacteria actually nourish the cells of the GI tract by producing essential short-chain fatty acids. They also protect the membrane from implantation of by pathogens that don't belong. Without the nutrients and protection from this friendly flora, your mucous membranes (including the lining of the bowel) begin to be compromised. 

Tipping Point

One would-be invader is a strain of yeast called candida albicans, or candida for short. Candida is ubiquitous, covering virtually every living thing on the planet. Under healthy conditions it lives in limited numbers in every mucous membrane of your body, but when the delicate balance of flora inside you is tipped, candida can grow out of control and create a wide array of mild to severe health disorders.


leaking gut syndrome brought on by candida albicans yeast overgrowth

An Allergy is Born

If dangerous bacteria, parasites, or an overgrowth of candida replace the friendly bacteria that line the GI tract, a process of inflammation begins. This process may even affect other cells and organs of the body that are susceptible to inflammation. When candida grows out of control it releases acidic juices that burn and inflame your soft connective tissue.

Two byproducts candida releases onto the surrounding membrane are acetaldehyde and oxylate (oxalic acid). These inflammatory juices not only mess with your fragile hormones and natural enzyme supply by eventually disrupt the permeability of the mucous membrane itself, weakening the membrane and expanding the space between cells. And Wahlah! Permeability altered.



Once a mucous membrane becomes leaky, it can no longer keep the outside world outside of you. And benign substances like food particles, pet dander, and pollens can now enter the bloodstream. This launches an autoimmune response that floods the site of the membrane breech with histamines and reactive proteins to close the gaps and prevent further invasion.

A record of the invading molecule is kept and antibodies form to track the otherwise benign substance and attack on sight. Depending on which system houses the membrane affected, the resulting response can be asthma, IBS, hives, eczema, aching in joints and limbs, or a variety of neurological symptoms from brainfog and fatigue to anxiety and depression.

And now a formal allergy is born.

Way Back…

What people plagued by allergy need to be looking for is a system that clears the mucous membranes of the body of unfriendly bacteria, candida yeast and parasites AND steps in to quickly heal the leaky membranes and restore their proper permeability. Once that's done, a robust population of friendly flora must be restored throughout the body to prevent hostile takeover from happening again.

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What our clients are saying...

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“Getting rid of yeast with this protocol has helped so many issues in my family from allergies to eczema and asthma. You don’t have to live with it!” - Shari Goodman – Gilbert, AZ

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