Leaky Gut Lowers Testosterone Levels

How Leaky Gut Lowers Testosterone Levels

Q&A: I've had symptoms of pounding heart, fatigue and low testosterone for about a year after a strong course of antibiotics.

After a parasite test, we detected Blasto and managed to successfully treat it. My fatigue has stopped which is a huge relief however low testosterone and constant pounding heart remains. Would appreciate any further insight you may have on how leaky gut lowers testosterone levels and how it leads to the pounding heart symptoms.

Kyle, Queensland Australia

Two major ways Leaky Gut lowers Testosterone

ANSWER: There are at least 2 ways your hormones are disrupted by a Leaky Gut. For one thing, the gut houses trillions of microbiota many of which manufacture the majority of your body's neurotransmitters and hormones like dopamine, seratonin and others.
Not in the brain, but right in the gut.

The gut's been called the "second brain" for this major role in manufacturing proper levels of hormones and neurotransmitters to keep you healthy and happy. When the gut is leaky, this supply chain gets interrupted and even hijacked by opportunistic candida yeast and fungus, so less of what you need to feel like the man you really are, is being produced.

Ethanol from Yeast/Fungus alters Neurotransmitters & Hormones

The second way Leaky Gut (and it's yeast/fungal overgrowth) messes with your hormones is by producing high levels of ethanol in the blood. This ethanol wreaks havoc with your hormone levels, chemically altering them so that dopamine is no longer dopamine, and testosterone turns into estrogen. To learn exactly how, check out the following studies:

4 ways alcohol lowers Testosterone levels and elevates Estrogen

Minding the balance

By tending to your microbial garden, weeding out the alcohol producing invasive species, then reintroducing a diverse and robust population of friendly organisms (and eating supportive prebiotic plant fibers to help them thrive), you can regain your delicate hormone balance for healthy sleep, cognition, reproduction, and the general feelings of wellbeing your body is capable of providing.

Non-alcoholic Alcoholism

Keep in mind that anything alcohol can do to mess with your body (ie. increase risk of stroke, cancer, diabetes, depression, anxiety, impaired cognition, and more) will likely be present in a body with leaky gut... even if you never touch a glass of alcoholic beverage to your lips. (Read more about Leaky Gut and elevated blood alcohol)
To all of you men out there, here's to your success at reclaiming your rightful levels of testosterone and feeling like your best self again.
Hormone happiness awaits.
Leaky Gut Lowers Testosterone Levels

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