Happy Earth Day Bend Oregon

Happy Earth Day Bend Oregon

Among other things like dogs, craft brewing and genuine friendliness… Happy Earth day is a big deal here in Bend Oregon. If you've been here, you know that Bend has a vibe all its own. But if you haven't had the pleasure, take a breezy stroll with me to meet our hometown.

Where Dogs Are People Too

It didn't take long to appreciate Bend as one of the Wests 'dog meccas'. There are seven spacious dog parks in Bend city limits, and even a doggy waterpark with knee high sprayers to cool off your animals. Yep, that's plural because its not uncommon to see people out with two or three dogs at once.

I usually have our three youngest (of 9) out with me and have often been greeted by the person with 3 dogs, wearing a look of utter astonishment as they ask "Are they ALL yours?"
"You have no idea," I think, as I smile and nod.
If all dogs don't actually go to heaven, Bend is a pretty sweet alternative.

Be nice, You're in Bend

The people here really are a new level of nice. I met a lady at Target one day who volunteered to drive with me to the local farm and feed after showing me the route on her smart phone.
Later, when I asked a neighbor for directions to the public library, she offerred to take me there, "Pick you up at three, okay?" And our first Sunday at church we had three, count em, invitations to dinner right after the meeting,
...like who has enough food simmering for an extra 8 people???
The lovely people in Bend.

Animal Advocates

One day Brett and Isaac came screetching around a bend in the road to find all the cars stopped, going both ways. They thought there'd been an accident. People were waving arms to stand back, and pull over.
Who was hurt?
Was it serious?
They craned their necks to see...

Well, that's what came to my mind anyway when I heard kittens were crossing the road by themselves.
We have no visual proof that it wasn't like this.
If anywhere, it could happen in Bend.
Then one Saturday we were invited by neighbors to join a frog rescue at Sun River 10 miles away. You see, frogs were migrating right over the highway and cars were taking their toll. A new industry sprang up overnight... fine pressed frog leather spread over 50 yards of highway. So, we quickly gathered up buckets and ran to join "Save the Frogs" crusade.

Cause that's what the lovely people do in Bend.

Where Everyday is Earth Day

We have fully embraced the green-loving, grassfed, farm-to-table movement that thrives here in Central Oregon. We have range free egg purveyors, grassfed beef farms and organic restaurants to make any natural foodie's dreams come true. Here, recycling your garbage is not optional as a city service...it's required. And the population is prone to be out on a hike, bike, run or skis. It's a healthy 'mother earth loving' lifestyle. And it suits us.
Each year our unicycling kids are invited to participate in the annual Earth Day Parade with their school's Unicycle Club. And EVERYONE comes dressed as their favorite extinct species.
...to wish all the remaining species, a very happy Earth Day.
That's just so BEND!
#WholeHealthChallenge: Learn something new about your hometown. What drew people to settle there, and what makes them tick? Hometowns are heritage and learning more about yours will inspire greater familiarity and gratitude. Embracing our lives, right here and now, in every present circumstance opens the way to new experiences and new circumstances. Or, as American poet/composer Robert Lowry put it, "the pathway smoothes when first I learn to love it." Love your present situation without holding back, by awakening your God given curiosity. It will uplevel your energy and raise your vibration closer to the frequency of gratitude... where the most powerful healing occurs. Related Posts: Pole Pedal Paddle (Bend Olympics) Happy Earth Day Bend Oregon Snowcave Like a Girl Bend Oregon Winter Kayak Bend Oregon Oregon Gas Pumping Law
Happy Earth Day Bend Oregon

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