Bend Oregon Winter

Bend Oregon Winter

Yep, it's been a record Bend Oregon winter. According to the National Weather Service in Pendleton, many of the snow records bested this winter date back more than 20 years. If that's not enough to be memorable, I’ve decided the snow speaks a different language here than anywhere else. It squeaks and groans when pressed upon. Wide radial tires. Little booted feet. No matter. And mother nature giggles to herself as she sculpts intricate crystal lace on every vertical surface under heaven. Ever seen an inch long hoar frost? It’s a crazy beautiful thing in the bright morning light. Winter came down to our house Thursday night. It twirled and twizzled gently on silver-toed skates and ...we are all kids again!


Record Snowfall

Teens prayed for a snow day from school…didn’t happen. Which I wondered about as our car spun breathtaking donuts on snow and ice in several roundabouts between home and early morning Seminary. But the next best thing, Early Release really did come true, allowing busses more time to return children on much slower roads. And now we all know how every mile is two in winter!
Bend Oregon Winter
After the storm.

In the last 2 days central Oregon has had a record breaking 30 inches of snow gridlocking neighborhoods and making highways impassable. With no snowplow service we towed Brett’s sedan out to a main road where he worked up enough mojo to skate his way across the valley to the airport. The forecast said he’d likely not make it home that afternoon, which he didn’t.

And once our all wheel drive SUV could no longer float the sea of snow we too became snow bound. Heavy storm warnings were issued Friday night through Sunday morning, and a group of teenagers had to be dug out at midnight and set adrift on spinning, floating wheels to unclog our driveway. City sports and all local events were cancelled yesterday while the Deputy Sheriff’s office advised everyone to stay off the streets until warmer temperatures could melt the snow. Even church was cancelled for safety reasons. 

Keeping Warm

Bend Oregon Winter


The funnest part of this storm is how so much snow awakens the inner child in us all. Perpetual Healthy Hot Chocolate on the stove, perpetual piles of winter wear shed at every door. Perpetual sledders, skiers and igloo building snowangels trapesing snow from the doors to the stovetop to the bathroom and out again. Because all our plans were cancelled, we’ve huddled together to watch Olympic greatness, read stories, thumb through scrapbooks and completely exhaust our stores of finger foods. It’s what’s fun as junk about roadtripping, or dogpiling, or sleeping eleven people in an 8 man tent. Squishing up for warmth and comfort. It’s one thing families are made for. However magical, or mag-icicle your winter is coming down… in it's depth I hope you find within you an invincible summer. Love from Bend


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Bend Oregon Winter

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