Dysautonomia (POTS - Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome)

I developed dysautonomia 18 months ago after running a marathon.  My blood pressure was so low and my heart rate so irregular that I had to have pacemaker put in.  I'm only 46 and very fit so I knew something was really wrong. I was so ill and my energy was so low which the pacemaker was supposed to fix.  I prayed for something else to try.  And learned about 30 day Reboot and eventually started.  I began improving in several ways.  My brainfog and energy were better.  I stopped blacking out. My tachycardia improved. And I believe Reboot is why I'm so much better. It works!  I've already run another marathon and am glad for the hope of complete recovery. 

I.C.  Riverside CA

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