IBS, Allergies and Fatigue

IBS, Allergies and Fatigue

I was diagnosed with celiac disease in March of 2011. Before that I was suffering from severe malnutrition and anemia along with many other health issues that are too great to list. I had lost a significant amount of weight and was feeling as weak as I had ever felt. Since going gluten free I have improved some BUT I am not what I would call, “FEELING GREAT”. I have constant body aches and pains along with a 60 lbs weight gain. I recently had a baby and have been on weight watchers since I became pregnant. My weight gain happened before pregnancy. The doctors all said it was because my body had been starving for so long that it is absorbing all calories I take in. I am on a 1200- 1400 calories a day diet. I am also nursing and the weight is barely moving. I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS HEAVY in my life. That includes all of my pregnancies. So, long story short after having checked thyroid, blood work and for other autoimmune diseases, I am at my wits end with the weight and body aches. I would love some advice and help. My daughter tells me that her companion, your daughter, really thinks you can help us both.

My daughter has been so sick since she left on her mission. She has been very good at being gluten free and is still suffering. UNTIL NOW. She said she is feeling 10,000,000 times better (her words) since starting on your Reboot program. She only had limited time to write me so I really know nothing other then she feels much better. Maybe this will be the answer for my daughter and for me. Thank you for getting her started!

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